Greetings. My name is Lee Jae-myung, and I serve as
the Governor of Gyeonggi Province in the Republic of Korea.

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, machines and artificial intelligence will gradually takeover human jobs.
The fear that technological advancement will displace labor is becoming a reality.

The economic ecosystem created by the old ‘growth-first’ concept does not help overcome
the decline in job creation stemming from technological innovation. On the contrary,
it brings extreme polarization while hindering autonomy, creativity and fair competition,
which interferes with economic development.

Basic income is being recognized as a new alternative in preparation for the Fourth Industrial
Revolution. Basic income, through which a minimum income is guaranteed equally for everyone,
is the key to solving social polarization and inequality. It is also a welfare-type growth
model that will open doors to a better future through sustainable and inclusive growth policies.

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, as well as world-renowned
CEOs and scholars, are talking about basic income and inclusive growth.
Many members of the public and political leaders around the world acknowledge
the need for basic income.

Gyeonggi Province has taken the lead in the adoption of basic income policies.
We have established a ‘virtuous cycle’ model through the provision of
basic income in the form of local currency so as to vitalize the local economy.

We will provide a venue for discussing and sharing our basic income policies.
You are cordially invited to the ‘2020 Korea Basic Income Fair,’ at which
you will be able to experience basic income, the subject of global interest,
in its entirety.

Your esteemed participation would be most welcome.