• Date/Venue  :  April 28(Wed)~29(Thur), 2021 / KINTEX GrandBallroom
  • Topic  :  From the Covid-19 Disaster to New Great Transition, Basic Income!
  • Organizer By  :  Gyeonggi Research Institute(GRI), Gyeonggi-do Market Revitalization Agency, KINTEX, Basic Income Korean Network(BIKN)
Program Time(KST) Information
Special Session (14:00~16:40)
Special Address 17:00~17:20 20'
[Lessons from Basic Income Initiatives all over the World]
  • - Addressor(20′)
    • Sarath Davala (President, Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), India)
Break Time
Session 1-1 17:30~18:40 70'
[COVID-19 Pandemic, Crisis of Our Life and Basic Income]
  • - Moderator : Hanjoo Lee (President, Gyeonggi Research Institute(GRI), Korea)
  • - Presentation (50′)
    • Philippe Van Parijs (Chair of advisory Board, Basic Income Earth Network / Professeur emerite, Universite catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
    • Guy Standing (Professorial Research Associate, SOAS University of London, UK / Co-President, Basic Income Earth Network)
    • Annie Miller (Chair, Citizen's Basic Income Trust, UK)
    • Namhoon Kang (Co-president, Gyeonggi Basic Income Committee, Korea)
    • Young Seong Yoo (Head, Basic Income Research Group of Gyeonggi Research Institute(GRI), Korea)
  • - Group Discussion (20′)
    • All presenters
Break Time
Session 1-2 19:00~20:00 60'
[Basic Income in Actuality]
  • - Moderator : Barb Jacobson (Board Member, Basic Income UK and Basic Income Earth Network / News Editor, Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), UK)
  • - Presentation (30′)
    • Jaeyong Kim (Chief, Policy Commitment, Gyeonggi Provincial Government, Korea
    • Caroline Teti (Director, Recipients Advocacy Unit of GiveDirectly, Kenya)
  • - Discussion (30′)
    • Roberto Merill (Professor, Philosophy, Centre for Ethics, Politics and Society (CEPS), University of Minho, Portugal)
    • Seungho Baek (Professor, Social Welfare Department of Catholic University, Korea
Break Time
Session 1-3 20:20~21:20 60'
[Basic Income Promoting Ecological Transformation]
  • - Moderator : Jong-sung You (Professor, Gachon Liberal Arts College, Gachon University, Korea)
  • - Presentation (30′)
    • Jorge Pinto (Researcher, University of Minho, Portugal)
    • Hyekyung Cho (Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Political & Economic Alternatives, Korea)
  • - Discussion (30′)
    • Jan Otto Anderson (Emeritus Professor, Abo Akademi University, Finland)
    • Hyosang Ahn (Executive Director, Basic Income Korean Network, Korea)

Special Session

Program Time(KST) Information
Special Session 1-1 14:00~15:10 70'
[Basic Income in Religion]
  • - Moderator : Suksan Yoon (Emeritus Professor, Depart. of Korean Language and Literature, Hanyang University, Korea)
  • - Presentation (30′)
    • Meehyun Chung (Professor, United Graduate School of Theology of Yonsei University, Korea)
    • Sanghoon Park (Director, Jesuit Research Center for Advocacy and Solidarity, Korea Province of the Society of Jesus, Korea)
    • Seungmu Lew (Professor, Department of Buddhist Sociology, Joongang Sangha University, Korea)
  • - Discussion (40′)
    • Wondon Kang (Emeritus Professor, Theological Faculty, Hanshin University, Korea)
    • Dongho Park(Member of Committee for Justice and Peace, Catholic Bishop's Conference of Korea, Korea)
    • Junggil Yoo (Director, Green Buddhism Research Institute, Buddhist Ecological Solodarity (BEST), Korea)
Break Time
Special Session 1-2 15:30~16:40 70'
[Basic Income Legislation, Reality and Prospect]
  • - Moderator : Seungyoon Lee (Associate Professor, Department of Social Welfare, Chung-Ang University, Korea)
  • - Presentation (30′)
    • Hyein Yong (Lawmaker, Basic Income Party, National Assembly of the Republic of Korea)
    • Jeonghee Seo (Professor, Social Welfare Department of Kunsan National University, Korea)
  • - Discussion (35')
    • Dahea Lee (Lecturer of law, School of law in Seoul National University / Research Fellow, SNU Center for Labor & Welfare Law, Korea)
    • Dongsuk Oh (Professor, School of Law, Ajou University, Korea)
  • ※ Organized by: Basic Income Study Forum of National Assembly, Korea
  • - Greetings before the session begins (5‘)
    • Byunghoon So (Member of the National Assembly, Land Infrastructure & Transport Committee of The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea)